Old Oswestry is a large and impressive early Iron Age hill fort in the Welsh Marches near Oswestry in north west Shropshire. It was designated as a scheduled monument (number 27556) in 1997 and is now in the guardianship of English Heritage. After the hillfort was abandoned it was incorporated into Wat’s Dyke, and two sections of this are adjacent to it. Source Wikipedia entry on Old Oswestry Hillfort.
The Shropshire Star reports yesterday that –
More than 2,000 people have now signed a petition urging planning chiefs to ditch proposals to allow houses to be built in the shadow of Oswestry’s Iron Age hillfort.
Various areas of Oswestry have been put forward for potential development under Shropshire Council’s SAMDev plans which will govern where homes will be built in the future. Among the areas are parcels of land around the town’s hillfort, widely regarded as one of the most significant landmarks of its kind in Europe.
Oswestry businessman John Waine launched an online petition just over a week ago calling for Shropshire planners to think again. And as of yesterday, 2,060 people had signed up to the petition, which has been posted on the change.org website. Public opinion is being gathered on the plans as part of the second round of consultation on the SAMDev document. The consultation ends on August 23.
Mr Waine describes the hill fort as the “jewel in Oswestry’s crown, an under-valued heritage asset and the old ancient heart of the town” and will pass on the petition to the north planning committee at Shropshire Council.
People from all over the country, many with Shropshire connections, have backed the petition. Taran McCarnun, of Salisbury, said: “I am a native of Shropshire, born and bred in Shrewsbury. Even forgetting the fact that the Cornovii tribe held it as their seat of power for centuries, this hillfort is the only one of its kind anywhere in Europe. This must be protected at all costs.”
Full article here. Those wishing to oppose development around Old Oswestry Hillfort are asked to sign the petition here. The deadline for registering objections is the 23 August 2013.