A ‘pagan’ puddingstone in the south wall of The Church of St Mary with St Leonard
Chelmsford, Essex England
Image credit Littlestone © The Heritage Trust

What are subsumed sites and artistic works?

In the West, and in the ‘New Worlds’ of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand etc, these are sites and artistic works (sacred or otherwise) of pre-Christian origin which have been subsumed by a later culture or religion. The most notable examples in Europe are stone circles, wells, springs and other sacred sites which predate Christian and Roman influences and which have been subsumed into the cultural (architectural or artistic) fabric of those later systems.
Elsewhere, in Africa and Asia, other influences have subsumed an earlier culture, or belief system, along with its material manifestations. Often, however, much still remains of these earlier cultures, in architecture, painting, sculpture etc, and it is those remains (often unoticed and possibly in need of protection) that we will be highlighting in features on the subject.