Now based in the north of England The Heritage Trust was founded in 2011 to promote knowledge, understanding and the preservation of aspects of world art, culture, traditions and sites of historical importance that are under threat from damage, neglect, development, vandalism, theft or natural disasters.
As it enters its fifth year, the Trust’s continuing mission not only reflects its founding vision of Preserving the Past for the Future but also its intention to expand further its international horizons and to bring to the attention of the international community the threatened sites, artefacts and traditions that most concern it. The Heritage Trust is also dedicated to promoting world-class research in the field of cultural conservation and to be an independent leader in the study, preservation and understanding of threatened cultures, and the material manifestations of those cultures, wherever they may be. The Trust will further its mission through:
Creating collaborative and active global research networks
Disseminating the results of its own work and the work of others
Advancing educational activities and publications
The Trust will continue its close collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals while maintaining its own programme of meetings, public lectures and workshops. The Trust will also maintain its commitment to highlighting the many rapidly developing issues relevant to its mission, as well as promoting both web and conventionally-based publications that fall within its remit. The Trust’s library remains central to its vision and its collection is not only a research resource of considerable importance but one that the Trust is pleased to share with bona fide fieldworkers and researchers everywhere.