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Latest British Archaeology magazine featuring the reconstructed bust of a Neanderthal
The latest British Archaeology magazine landed on our doormat a few days ago, sporting a stunning cover image of the reconstructed bust of a Neanderthal. As always, the magazine is packed full of fascinating and informative features for everyone (young and old alike) interested in archaeology or the past in general.
This addition includes articles on the recently discovered ancient footprints in Norfolk, the Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story exhibition now showing at the Natural History Museum in London and much, much more (see the British Archaeology page here and editor Mike Pitts’ feature here for details.
The Heritage Journal (ISSN: 0219-8584) has published, “…research articles on the history, culture and the art practices of Asia, with an emphasis on material culture, cultural resource management and museum practice…” since 2004 and is an arm of Singapore’s National Heritage Board.” The Journal’s inaugural article (Volume 1, 2004) by Cheryl-Ann Low, Curator, Singapore History Museum, deals with Sawankoloke-Sukhothai Wares from the Empress Place Site, Singapore. The abstract for the article reads –
Textual records suggest that Singapore and Thailand had a political relationship in the 14th century. Wang Dayuan, a Chinese traveller who visited Singapore in the 14th century recorded an attack by the Siamese sometime before 1349. A 16th-century account records that a local ruler in Singapore was a relative and vassal of the Siamese king. The former was murdered and his position usurped by a renegade prince from Palembang. the Siamese consequently drove the usurper out of Singapore. An archaeological excavation was conducted at the Empress Place Building site in 1998. The discovery of ceramics produced by the kilns of Sawankoloke and Sukhothai in the 14th and 15th centuries adds another dimension to the knowledge about the trading relationship between Singapore (Temasek) and Thailand (Ayutthaya).
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