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Trevethy Quoit, Cornwall, by Charles Knight (circa 1845)

At the beginning of November the [Cornwall Heritage] Trust were informed that the field in which Trethevy Quoit is located was for sale. While the quoit itself was gifted to the Government in the 1930s, the field was in separate ownership and a potential buyer was keen to use it for grazing horses. The Trust was most concerned about this as some years ago there had been many problems with the public accessing the quoit because of grazing horses.

In consultation with the Government Agencies, Historic England and English Heritage, it was decided that Cornwall Heritage Trust should bid to acquire the field thus protecting this magnificent monument. The Trust are indebted to David Attwell, the Trustee that manages the East Cornwall sites, who successfully negotiated the purchase as well as a grant from Historic England to help pay for the land.

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Trethevy Quoit, Cornwall, photographed at the beginning of the 20th century
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The final phase (placing the capstone) in the restoration of the Giant’s Quoit in Cornwall will take place on Saturday, 21 June (the summer solstice). Details above, and congratulations to all involved in bringing this project to completion!


Carwynnen Quoit circa 1900 after its first restoration
The Sustainable Trust reports this week that work has begun on the restoration of Carwynnen Quoit (Scheduled Ancient Monument) in Cornwall. The quoit dates from the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age. The structure collapsed in 1834 (possibly due to an earth tremor) was re-erected but collapsed again some 130 years later. Now, thanks to local fundraising and help from the National Lottery Fund, work has started on its long overdue restoration.
A Sustainable Trust spokesperson reports that –
Preparations for our big dig at Carwynnen Quoit went into full swing on Monday September 10th when a large crane arrived on site to dismantle the pile of stones and temporarily remove them to a safe place. This was an exciting although potentially nerve wracking exercise! The stones have lain in a disorganised pile for more than 40 years when the monument collapsed in 1966. Since then a large number of other stones have been added to the pile, many of them very large, and these had been heaped up, over and upon the ancient capstone and its companion uprights.
A BBC News Cornwall video on the first stage of the quoit’s restoration can be found here.


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