Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

Cover with Spine

The July/August edition of British Archaeology is published online today, and members and subscribers will start getting their copies in the post. It’s a terrific issues, with a striking front cover featuring Star Carr. You’ll be able to find it in the shops on Friday. Here are some of the highlights.

Star Carr
For the first time full details have been published of a major excavation at an iconic ancient site, where deer hunters lived on a Yorkshire lakeshore 11,000 years ago. Finds include five timber platforms, digging sticks, a bow and a house older than that previously said to be the UK’s oldest

The Battle of Dunbar’s diaspora
Works for a new cafe in Durham led to an excavation that solved a 360-year-old mystery. As an exhibition opens following a reburial ceremony, we feature a remarkable project that found two mass graves and tracked the shocking story of the…

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