Update on the clearance and re-exposure of the sunken ring stones at Craddock Moor stone circle…
Text and images © Roy Goutté.
Work fully commenced on the circle on the 8th October and to date after three full day sessions only the survey and Field Report remain to be completed.
We chose our days carefully with the weather in mind and to that end we were very successful. Prior to the work commencing, only 15 or 16 recumbent stones appear to have been recorded. We knew by spiking the areas between the wider gaps in the ring setting however that more existed but not how many exactly. Only revealing them would answer that question. By the time we had completed the clearance we had cleared/discovered/found remains of 23 stones in total (no broken pieces included). Only one ‘gap’ was devoid of any signs of a stone or its remains within the ring setting but could have been removed.
5 gaps had stone remains in them under the surface indicating that they had been broken up in situ and removed. Two of the surface stones remaining had been drilled and split and 2 completely new stones within the setting were discovered under the surface.
All were numbered and to the base of Stone (19) we discovered something of interest which will be revealed in the Field Report. We also discovered that Stone 19 is in fact still earth-fast and not recumbent as previously believed, the only stone still standing, albeit badly damaged!
On completion of the Survey and Field Report I will be back with the final update for The Heritage Trust, but for now a few photos showing the ‘before and after’ of a couple of cleared stones, 2 new stones discovered and the remains of a buried stone after destruction are shown
Stone 5 before clearance.
…and afterwards
Stone 7 before…
…and afterwards
Stone 15 before…
 …and afterwards
Remains of Stone 22
Stone 23 newly discovered