The eight eagle talon necklace (or bracelet) from Krapina, Croatia. The object is arranged with an eagle phalanx also found at the site
Image credit Luka Mjeda, Zagreb
Writing for Live Science, Megan Gannon, News Editor, reports on the extraordinary 130,000 year-old piece of Neanderthal jewellery first excavated more than 100 years ago at a Krapina sandstone rock-shelter in Croatia –
Researchers identified eight talons from white-tailed eagles — including four that had distinct notches and cut marks — from a 130,000-year-old Neanderthal cave in Croatia. They suspect the claws were once strung together as part of a necklace or bracelet.
“It really is absolutely stunning,” study author David Frayer, an anthropology professor at the University of Kansas, told Live Science. “It fits in with this general picture that’s emerging that Neanderthals were much more modern in their behavior.”
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