Nineteenth century Kapa Kilohana (Barkcloth) from Hawaii
Image credit: Honolulu Academy of Arts. Source Wikimedia Commons
Shifting patterns: Pacific barkcloth clothing is an exhibition now running at the British Museum until the 16 August 2015.
In the islands of the Pacific, cloth made from the inner bark of trees is a distinctive art tradition. Probably brought to the region at least 5,000 years ago by some of the first human settlers, its designs reflect the histories of each island group and the creativity of the makers. Spanning the region from New Guinea in the west to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) in the east, the exhibition will show a selection of 77 garments, headdresses, masks and body adornments from the Museum’s collection. Dating from the 1700s to 2014, the pieces on display include those worn as everyday items and ceremonial costumes linked to key life cycle events such as initiation and marriage.
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