Some of the Anglo-Saxon coins from a hoard found on Buckinghamshire farmland last December The coins are presently being cleaned, conserved and examined in the British Museum conservation laboratories
Portable Antiquities Scheme
At the beginning of the year we ran a feature on the exciting Hoard of more than 5,000 Anglo-Saxon silver coins found just before Christmas, 2014, in a Buckinghamshire field by a metal detectorist. On the scene at the time was the Finds Liaison Officer for the area, Ros Tyrrell, whose account of the find can be read on the Culture24 website here.
The coins are now being cleaned and conserved at the British Museum. Meanwhile, Ms Tyrrell is reported as saying, on Culture 24, that, “It’s an exceptional find – one of the biggest in the country. It’s the biggest hoard of any sort in Buckinghamshire. The [Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury] would like to acquire them for the people of Buckinghamshire. Whether we can afford them is another matter.”
We hope that at least some of the coins will eventually be on display in Buckinghamshire. Meanwhile, a big ‘well done’ to Ms Tyrrell, and all present on the day, not to mention the dedication of the British Museum conservators and curators whose task it now is to clean, conserve and research this extraordinary find.