Mick Aston (left) at the Time Team Big Roman Dig of 2005 with Tim Taylor, Time Team’s originator and producer
Image credit G de la Bedoyere. Source Wikimedia Commons
Thousand of fans, all around the world, are supporting an online campaign for a special one-off Time Team tribute show to archaeologist Mick Aston who passed away in June 2013. They –
…have been signing an online petition to see Channel 4’s Time Team come together one final time to create a Time Team special dig episode in memory of the late Professor Mick Aston. Lee Brady, who organised the campaign, said: ‘The Campaign has been going amazingly well. We have now over 7,800 signatures from fans from all around the world, and we have even received support from Sir Tony Robinson, Helen Geake, Matthew Williams, John Gater and Francis Pryor from the show. ‘It’s building up so quickly and it’s something I started a few days after Mick sadly passed away. It would be great to do an episode in his memory, perhaps with everyone wearing those jumpers he used to wear. The programme should also return to the basics of pure archaeology, with a proper research structure put in place and not just become a dig for digging’s sake for the episode.’
On the campaign website Lee went on to say: ‘I’d like to thank everyone who has signed the petition, if there is to be no more Time Team in the future at least this could be an episode to allow it to go out with a bang.’
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