The Tristan Stone
A 1,500 year-old standing stone in Cornwall, marking the grave of a king’s nephew who inspired the Tristan and Isolde legend, is being moved to make way for Wainhomes to build a housing estate and Park and Ride facility. Harriet Arkell, writing in the Mail Online, reports –
The ‘Tristan Stone’ was erected 1,500 years ago, reputedly to show the final resting place of Tristan, whose forbidden affair with the beautiful Irish princess Isolde has inspired poets for centuries. But a council has now given a developer permission to move the stone, described by English Heritage as ‘a significant scheduled monument’, to a nearby field so that they can build a housing estate and park and ride next to the site.
Mr Bert Bisco , an Independent Councillor on Cornwall Council, is reported by the Mail as saying that, “Such desecration is the equivalent of Napoleon shooting at the Sphinx for target practice.” Mr Biscoe, condemned the decision to shift the ancient obelisk as ‘cultural violence’ and one of the ‘worst attacks on heritage in the world’. He said, “How dare anybody presume to shift it without good reason? Building mundane houses in its vicinity is not good reason.”
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Tristan and Iseult as depicted by Herbert Draper (1863–1920)
Source Wikimedia Commons