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Rising from ruins. Pentre Ifan as it may have originally looked
The third in a new series of videos that use CGI technology to restore some of Wales’s most iconic landmarks to their former glory. This video gives you an idea of how Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber in Pembrokeshire would have looked when it was first built.
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Dyma’r trydydd mewn cyfres newydd o fideos sy’n defnyddio technoleg CGI i adfer rhai o dirnodau mwyaf eiconig Cymru i’w hen ogoniant.Mae’r fideo’n rhoi syniad i chi sut byddai Siambr Gladdu Pentre Ifan yn Sir Benfro wedi edrych pan gafodd ei hadeiladu am y tro cyntaf.
I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, ewch i
Pentre Ifan today
The Heritage Trust
The £15.75 million needed to save the 80,000-piece Wedgwood Collection for the Nation has been achieved
At the beginning of last month we highlighted the Appeal to save the Wedgwood Museum. Today BBC News Stoke & Staffordshire reports that –
The Wedgwood Museum collection has been “saved for the nation” after reaching its £15.75m target in a month. The collection features 80,000 works of art, ceramics, manuscripts, letters and photographs. It faced being sold to help pay off the pottery firm’s pension bill, inherited by Wedgwood Museum after Waterford Wedgwood plc collapsed in 2009.
The collection is expected to remain on display at the museum in Barlaston, Staffordshire.
More here, and well done to all involved in raising the £15.75 million target in a month!


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