22,000 copper-alloy coins dating from 260ce-340ce found in Devon, England
The Trustees of the British Museum
Ben Miller, writing for Culture24, reports that –
The Royal Albert Memorial Museum has launched a public appeal to buy the largest hoard of 4th century coins ever found in Britain.
Laurence Egerton discovered 22,000 copper-alloy coins near a known Roman villa at Honeyditches, in East Devon [England], last November. Experts from the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which announced one of the coins as its millionth find in its annual report today, praised Egerton’s “prompt and responsible” decision to report the hoard, which ensured the artefacts were properly excavated and recorded.
The asking price for the hoard will be decided by the British Museum’s Treasure Valuation Committee later this year. “This extraordinary hoard will add greatly to our picture of life in Roman Devon,” said Rosie Durham, Exeter’s Lead Councillor for Economy and Culture, praising the “exemplary co-operation” between Egerton, the landowner and the authorities. “It would be a wonderful addition to the museum’s collection of local Romano-British objects, which includes finds from Honeyditches. “We hope that public support will enable us to acquire the hoard. It has so many exciting stories to tell.”
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