Press cutting from the Essex County Standard
The Colchester Archaeological Trust has discovered part of a Roman water-main off Colchester High Street –
Today (8th August), the Trust’s recent discovery of the remains of a Roman water-main in Colchester [south-east England] was reported on in the local press. Last week we excavated the remains of a water-main on our site at the Williams & Griffin store in the High Street at Colchester; this would have formed part of the Roman town’s pressurised water-supply system. The water-main is represented by several corroded iron collars, with attached fragments of mineral-replaced wood, lying in a straight-sided Roman trench. The remains of the water-main provide a fascinating snapshot of Roman engineering and urban infrastructure. The item was published on page 4 of the Essex County Standard, with a small illustration, and titled ‘”Water” discovery! Roman technology is unearthed’. The illustration is a photo. of Trust volunteer Gemma with one of the iron collars of the water-main, back at Roman Circus House.
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