Bizen-ware pot containing more than 40,000 15th century Japanese coins
Image credit Tsuyoshi Sato
Tsuyoshi Sato, Staff Writer for The Asahi Shimbun, reports on the 9 July that construction workers in Kyoto’s central Kawaramachi shopping district had unearthed a huge Bizen-ware (備前焼) pot containing more than 40,000 coins. The coins date from the 15th century and were found during work for an apartment complex.
The 66-centimeter-tall Bizen ware pot was found 50 cm below the surface in the city’s Shimogyo Ward. The site lies toward the southern side of Takashimaya Kyoto Store. The coins, each drilled through the center, are tied together in bundles of 97 by thongs. It was customary during the Muromachi Period (1338-1573) to count a bundle of 97 coins as 100, Ibisoku officials said
The coins are estimated to be worth some 4 million yen (£23,000) and the Kansai (western Japan) branch of the Ibisoku Archaeological Research Company has announced that it is considering putting the find on public display.