Iron Age coin die (late 200ce)
Portable Antiquities Scheme
In an interview with Jennifer Jackson, the Finds Liaison Officer for Kent, Ben Miller, for Culture24, reports on Jennifer’s choice of three formidable archaeological discoveries. The first is an Iron Age coin die (above). The second is the extraordinary Boughton Malherbe hoard of 1,150-600bce which is the –
…third-largest Bronze Age hoard ever found in Britain. It was found in 2011 but it’s very recently been acquired and gone on display at Maidstone Museum – not all of it, because it’s 252 objects, but the highlights are on display there at the moment so people can go and see it. Most of the objects are broken in some way. It’s got things like the moulds to make the axes, which are made of copper alloy – the same metal as the axes, but with a slightly different composition. It shows how ancient metal skills were so sophisticated. They could make moulds that would hold metal of a different temperature and mould it 2,500 years ago. They weren’t messing around: they were highly efficient metal workers. You can see how they create three-part moulds for an axe, with a hole in the middle.
Jennifer Jackson’s third choice is a medieval finger ring. Full Culture24 article here.