The Paper Mill Museum in Amalfi, Italy. Image credit Simona Politini

A guest feature by Simona Politini, Founder and Project Manager

This Museum is housed in an old paper mill and dates back to the fourteenth, or perhaps the middle of the thirteenth century. The premises were donated to the Foundation in 1969 and recognized by Decree no. 1294 of the President of the Republic on 22nd November 1971. Comm. Milano was aware not only of the imminent danger of a further decline of the structure, and even the final loss of its identity, but also of the importance of preserving the “history” of Amalfi’s hand-made paper for posterity. Today, in the paper mill turned museum, we can see the tools used over the centuries for making paper by hand.

For further information visit the Il Museo della Carta di Amalfi in Campania website.