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Iron Age and Roman pits at the newly discovered Iron Age settlement in Wiltshire, England
Image credit: Taylor Wimpey
An Iron Age settlement has been unearthed at a building site in Wiltshire, southern England. Roundhouses, with hundreds of pits for storage, are among the discoveries at a site where Taylor Wimpey (one of Britain’s largest residential developers) is building 700 new houses. A Taylor Wimpey spokesman is reported as saying that, “We scheduled the archaeological investigation into our programme of work, as it is a vital step of the process. The work will continue until our contractors are completely satisfied that they have thoroughly investigated and recovered everything which they need for further analysis.”
Evidence or Roman activity at the site has also been discovered in the form of a large clay quarry pit. Archaeological excavations are expected to continue for a further three weeks. More here.

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Little did Peter Adams know, when he pulled a metal object from the ground in 2004, that he had made one of the most exciting discoveries in Viking-age archaeology in England for many years. He had been metal-detecting, with permission, on farmland to the west of the quiet village of Cumwhitton in the Eden Valley and, until then, it had been a fruitless search.

The object was reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme and proved to be a brooch that was identified as a rare Viking oval brooch of ninth – or tenth – century date. These are mostly found in pairs and in a burial context. He therefore returned to the site and did, indeed, find a second brooch.

One of the oval brooches found by Peter Adams. © Oxford Archaeology Ltd One of the oval brooches found by Peter Adams. © Oxford Archaeology Ltd

The Portable Antiquities Scheme commissioned Oxford Archaeology North to investigate the site as it was under immediate…

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