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Murasaki: A Man Fascinated by Colour

Directed by Kawase Mika (2011). 77 minutes, in Japanese with English subtitles
ATMK Co. Ltd.

Murasaki: A Man Fascinated by Colour is a documentary film following a natural dyer, Yoshioka Sachio and his natural dyeing studio in Kyoto, Japan. Yoshioka is the current head of the natural dyeing studio ‘Sometsukasa Yoshioka’, which has been established since the end of the Edo era (mid 19th century). Upon inheriting his family’s studio, Yoshioka has decided to make a return to the old techniques of procuring natural dyes from the environment. Colours produced with organically grown plants and pure spring water in Kyoto are far more beautiful and enchanting than any chemically produced dye in the laboratory. In his daily routine, Yoshioka teams up with his long serving natural dyeing specialist, Fukuda Denshi, to run the natural dyeing studio, something which has become increasingly rare in the 21st century.

Part of Yoshioka’s work involves the restoration of ancient textile works and decorative materials. He researches the techniques employed to create some of the National Treasures of Japan and traditional gigaku (ancient Chinese performing arts) costumes kept in the Shosoin treasure house (the Imperial treasure house built in 8th century), recreating those same techniques in order to restore artifacts to their original glory. Yoshioka says that it is not modern science, but traditional methods that should be used to authentically restore ancient pieces of artwork. Fukuda Denshi works daily in the studio using ancient Indian sarasa (silk or cotton printing) and kyokechi (wood binding) dyeing techniques. However, Yoshioka and Fukuda do not always succeed, and there are still ancient techniques that even they have yet to uncover.

Presented by the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.

Venue: Cinema City (Screen 2), St Andrews Street, Norwich NR2 4AD England on Monday, 2 June 2014 from 6-8pm. The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Yoshioka Sachio, the head of the natural dyeing studio ‘Sometsukasa Yoshioka’ who is featured in the documentary.

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江戸時代から続いている京都の染色家「染司よしおか」の当主である吉岡幸雄にスポット­を当てたドキュメンタリー。化学染料の使用がポピュラーとなっている昨今、植物だけで­染め上げることにこだわり抜く染色家としてのプライドや、正倉院に収蔵された美術装飾­品の復元者というもうひとつの顔を通して、職人の生き方、ものづくりのあり方、人間と­自然の向き合い方などを問い掛けていく。メガホンを取ったのは、博多出身のロック・ミ­ュージシャンたちを題材にした『BIG RETURNS』で注目を集めた川瀬美香。
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