St Piran’s Oratory, Perranporth, Cornwall, England prior to being covered over

Press release on Monday, 20 January 2014 from James Gossip MIFA, Archaeologist, Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council concerning the excavation at St Piran’s Oratory, Perranporth, Cornwall –

Dear all

For those of you who haven’t heard already I will be running an excavation at St Piran’s Oratory, Perranporth, starting on 17th Feb and running for approximately 4 weeks. The objective will be to remove the artificial sand dune put there in 1980 and expose the oratory ruins – in other words there is a HUGE amount of sand to remove. If you’re interested in helping out please let me know and I’ll put you on the dedicated mailing list and send out detailed information at the end of January.

For those have already expressed an interest – you won’t need to tell me again as you’re already on the list.

Best wishes,


James Gossip MIFA Archaeologist Historic Environment Projects

Cornwall Council

email: website:

Address: Fal Building , New County Hall, TRURO , Cornwall TR1 3AY

Please let us know if you need any particular assistance from us, such as facilities to help with mobility, vision or hearing, or information in a different format.

See also the St Piran Trust website here.