The Wallingford Museum
The Wallingford Museum in Oxfordshire, England is, as the Museum’s website describes –
…a colourful, delightfully intimate and family friendly local history museum, housed on two floors of this medieval oak-beamed building in the heart of Wallingford in Oxfordshire, a Thames-side town founded in the ninth century by Alfred the Great. From the Museum’s windows, you can see the remains of the great ramparts of Alfred’s planned town.
Wallingford Museum was in the news at the end of last year for its decision to rebury the remains of around 500 medieval and Saxon residents of the town in a formal and moving ceremony arranged by the Museum and local archaeologists (report here). The decision stands in contrast to the somewhat contentious one by English Heritage to display the 5,500 year-old skeleton of a man found buried in a long barrow near Stonehenge and now on show in the main gallery of the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.