The Cove at Avebury, Wiltshire, England
The Heritage Trust
A few days ago we celebrated our second anniversary. For this, our 500th feature, we thought we’d bring together one or two strands that go towards making us what we are – ie a group of people who love our heritage and want to see it protected and preserved. We do that by writing about it, photographing it, complaining when it’s mistreated, and showing our appreciation to the many, many people in museums, universities, libraries, in small groups or even alone who are working towards goals similar to our own.
The photo above and the poem below highlight, perhaps, how fragile our heritage is and how vigilant we need to be to ensure that it is there for both ourselves and future generations to enjoy, learn from and wonder at.
There’s a silence here
a silence that lifts and suppresses
all at once.
Lures life into a comfort
then leaves it limp
like a frozen drop of transience
on a quiet winter branch
that might
or might not
spring back to life again.