An Anglo-Saxon gamepiece made from a hollow piece of bone. The piece appears to be turned and is inset with a bronze rivet
Image credit University of Reading
BBC News England reports yesterday that –
A 7th Century board game piece, the first discovery of its kind for 130 years, has been unearthed in Kent by University of Reading archaeologists. Researchers believe the hollow bone cylinder found at the Lyminge dig belongs to an early backgammon or draughts-type games set. It was found in the remains of an Anglo-Saxon royal hall where board games were traditionally very popular. Project leader Dr Gabor Thomas called it a “wonderfully evocative discovery”. He added: “Our excavation is providing an unprecedented picture of life in an Anglo-Saxon royal complex.
“Gaming, along with feasting, drinking, and music, formed one of the key entertainments of the Anglo-Saxon mead-hall as evoked in the poem Beowulf.”
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