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Update on Carwynnen Quoit from Pip Richards and The Sustainable Trust (thanks to Roy Goutté for the info).
Dear Friends and Supporters,

The dig started today with great camaraderie amidst heavy showers. You are welcome to call in if you are passing. We are trying to preserve the grass in the field for as long as possible, so it would be appreciated if you would park in the campsite next door.

We have an official open day on Sunday 27th October where you can engage in a free guided tour, and see an exhibition of the work so far. There will be demonstrations of ancient technology and experimental archaeology with Sally Herriett. She looks forward to introducing you to her unusual world, and sharing her passion for all things Prehistoric, reproducing artefacts and perfecting her Flint Knapping. At 2pm she will be presenting her work especially to children.
If you remember Carwynnen Quoit before or after it fell in 1966, come and share your memories with us. The film on our giantsquoit homepage made use of some recordings we made during the last phase of the project.  Another film is in production and we welcome your contribution to our collection of local memories.
On 31st, at around 10.30, at Samhain or All Hallows Eve, we intend to restore the first upright stone and you are welcome to come and watch.
Thanks to everyone for their help and support,
Pip and the trustees of the Sustainable Trust.
Pip Richards
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October 2013
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