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Carwynnen Quoit by J T Blight
From Ancient Crosses, and other Antiquities in the West of Cornwall (third edition 1872)
The following from James Gossip, Archaeologist, Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council, Cornwall may be of interest –
Dear Carwynnen Team and other interested folk,
Some of you may have heard that The Sustainable Trust have been successful in securing funds for the final stages of the Carwynnen Quoit Project. We are now ready to start work and as always would value your help. Sorry it’s such short notice, but we’ve been kept on tenterhooks by the funding bodies. Attached are the details regarding the day to day practicalities (much the same as last year for those of you who took part then) which you can ignore if you’re not intending to take part; below is a brief word explaining what we’re hoping to achieve this time.
The project will take place Monday 21st – Thursday 31st October 2013. If you are interested in taking part please contact me ASAP and let me know when you are available. I will do my best to accommodate everyone as best I can!
Welcome back Carwynneners!
And a big welcome too – to our new archaeologists! Although a little late in the season we are so pleased to be back on track to work together to restore this special Cornish monument. While it may seem as though things have been a bit quiet we can report that over the past 12 months since the 2012 Big Dig a lot has happened – writing, drawing, studying the finds, a measured survey of the stones as well as a laser scan,  talks and walks about the project and a travelling exhibition to boot. Some of you have helped with these mini projects and a big thanks to your continuing interest and support. But one of the major achievements has been Pip’s hard work at fund raising for the final push to restore the monument. What a mega success! Some of you will see that the stones have also moved as well and they are now in place to be moved into gear when we fully restore the monument next spring. Now as for our work over the next 10 days the plan is to complete some work on the main site and explore further the rear end of the pavement as well as fully excavate the socket hole for Stone 4. In the final few days we will place Stone 4 back in its original location as a test run for the full restoration next year. We will also be exploring another area of the field where Keith and his merry team dug a few test pits in April and found some interesting stone arrangements (and flint)! Please welcome too our colleagues Richard and Laura who will be joining the team and helping us move this project along to a successful outcome.
Keep diggin’
James and Jacky 
13 October 2013
James Gossip MIFA
Historic Environment Projects
Cornwall Council
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October 2013
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