One year after the death of astronomer and Sky at Night presenter Sir Patrick Moore, the BBC is reviewing the future of the programme. The plans to potentially axe the iconic show have caused outrage among the stargazing community

Karen Barker, in her petition, writes –
We started as a group of Open University students, who were made aware that the BBC was planning to cancel The Sky At Night.  This is something to which we strongly object. Since starting the campaign to save S@N, the BBC has stated that it is still in discussions about the future of the programme.
We are also concerned that once (if) the programme is brought back, its format will have been detrimentally changed.  We want to see it continue in much the same way as it always has: pitched in a scientific manner towards people who are knowledgeable on the subject, whilst retaining its accessibility for newcomers to the hobby with items aimed at them.  We believe that it should be presented by professional scientists and/or highly regarded amateurs, bringing the latest news and information on the subject to the people who want it.  We do not want to see it fronted by a generic television presenter, or a ‘celebrity’ with no connection to the hobby.  It is a specialist, scientific programme and should be treated as such and with respect to its origins and longevity.
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