New finds from the Staffordshire Hoard

Aethelflaed (eldest daughter of Alfred the Great), the Lady of the Mercians, will be honoured in a special ceremony in Tamworth Castle Grounds today, September 15th.

It is 1100 years since the Lady of the Mercians built a fortified settlement or burh in Tamworth. These defences stopped the Vikings from conquering Mercia and imposing Danelaw in 913. The ceremony, which will see her statue rededicated and a new inscription added, will start at 12.45pm with Saxon re-enactors carrying out a ritual march to honour the Lady of the Mercians.

This is just one of many events and activities taking place as part of Tamworth’s Heritage Open Day, which sees Tamworth’s heritage on view for all to see and for free. Visitors to Tamworth Castle will be able to see pieces of the Staffordshire Hoard on display and learn more about its Saxon heritage.

More here. Please consider donating to the Staffordshire Hoard Appeal so that work on conserving and researching the new finds, along with the remainder of the treasure, may continue and enable their display across the region and beyond. The video below gives some idea of the work conservators are carrying out on the Hoard and the interest shown in the project by the public.

This video shows the conservation cleaning event which took place in the Activity Zone at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th August. The Staffordshire Hoard conservation team cleaned some of the newly acquired Staffordshire Hoard finds in view of the public and visitors had the opportunity to see the thorns in action
[thorns are used to clean objects such as those that form the Staffordshire hoard] and experience the excitement of objects being revealed after more than 1400 years.