Germany’s Friederike Moll-Dau examines bones excavated from a site in Shaanxi Province. Source: Radio86
Stina Björkell, writing in the gbtimes in 2008, reports that –
Jiao Nanfeng is the president of the Shaanxi Archaeology Institute in Xi’an. An archaeologist himself, Jiao headed the team of scientists that in the 1990s discovered the massive Yangling Tomb, an imperial mausoleum of Western Han Emperor Jingdi and Empress Xiaojing (206 BCE to 24 CE). China is undoubtedly an archeologist’s dream. With more than 4,000 years of uninterrupted civilization, the territory presents a bottomless treasure chest for scientists seeking to uncover clues to events of the past.
“The preservation and protection of cultural relics is a major part of our work. We assist related organizations in building museums and display rooms, and to ensure cultural relics are stored under optimal conditions. Preservation is becoming a very important part of our work today,” Jiao says.
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