1910 photograph depicting the excavation of the Coldrum Stones
Kent Archaeological Society
Writing in Kent News on Monday, Joe Bill reports on the digitization of old photographs recording the excavation of the Coldrum Stones in Kent, south-east England, undertaken by Benjamin Harrison and Flinders Petrie in 1910 –
Now a series of 100-year-old pictures of the stones have finally been committed to a digital format to be enjoyed by future generations. Previously held on glass plate negatives, they record the 1910 excavation of the structure and the human bones that were unearthed at the site.
Denis Anstey, head of IT for the Kent Archaeological Society, said: “The pictures are among thousands of images of Kent dating from the early 18th century to the late 20th century that the KAS has collected since it was founded in 1857. “Some of them are now very delicate and they will inevitably continue to deteriorate with time, so it is very important we keep them in digital format. This will enable us to offer the images to local historians, researchers and publishers long after the originals become too fragile to copy.”
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