Early 19th century Japanese map of the world in hanging scroll format
Private collection, Great Britain

The map shows the Japanese archipelago (centre) with the Americas on the right and Africa on the left. Some of the countries are represented by people in national dress. The map itself is printed on Washi (Japanese paper) from a woodblock measuring approximately 47cm x 34cm. Colours used are sumi (a carbon-based ink), indigo and an unidentified yellow pigment. The extreme top and bottom sections of the mount itself are indigo-dyed Japanese silks.

Early 19th century Japanese map of the world: detail

On 12 May 2013, the Lisa Sainsbury Library [part of the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures in Norwich, England] celebrates the tenth anniversary of its opening. To commemorate this event, an exhibition of old maps entrusted to the Library will take place at the Japanese Embassy in London from late June. All those interested in visiting the exhibition are welcome to come and look round.
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