Vincent van Gogh’s The Yellow House (1888). Image credit the Van Gogh Museum
Jonathan Jones, writing in The Guardian, reports that –
Research undertaken by the Van Gogh Museum reveals the master’s favourite paints have faded badly since the 1880s.
Vincent van Gogh has a good claim to be the greatest colourist ever. His yellows, his blues, his cherry trees and sunflowers and skies all created through thickly impastoed smears of chromatic splendour have made the very name Van Gogh synonymous with intense expressive colour.
Yet some of the colours we see in Van Gogh’s paintings are just pale echoes of the hues he originally set down in the 1880s. This startling discovery has just been revealed by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. A research project undertaken by the museum reveals that a number of Van Gogh’s favourite paints have faded badly and changed the appearance of his works, making them milder, more empty, less exquisite in their use of complementary colours than they were when he painted them.
The article does not make clear which paints have faded and what steps have or will be taken to prevent further degradation. Full Guardian article here.