An example of Quinkan (an Australian Aboriginal mythological being) rock art
Source Wikimedia. Image credit Michael Gardner
Some of the world’s most extensive and ancient rock painting galleries surround the little town of Laura, Queensland,  North-East Australia. “Aboriginal people have made their home in the Laura River valley for at least 50,000 years. In the wet season, they would camp under rock shelters on the high ground. This is where their rock art can be found, some of which are available for public viewing. (Wikipedia).
The Australian however quotes IP Shanks as saying that –
GINA Rinehart wants to explore for minerals near Laura (“Rock art now: writing on the wall if Gina digs”, 2-3/3). Forget it Gina, those art galleries are 40,000 years old, compared to Stonehenge, which is only 5000 years old.
Can anyone imagine the British allowing mining exploration anywhere near Stonehenge? The Laura art work is the oldest in the world and belongs to all. The giant horse cave is truly awe-inspiring and probably the first indigenous representation of a horse in Australia. What Australia urgently needs is legislation to control its rapacious miners.
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