The 5th-4thbce reconstructed farmstead at The Hochdorf Celtic Museum in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
The Heritage Trust
The Hochdorf Celtic Museum in Baden-Württemberg, Germany was opened in 1991 and is –
…dedicated to the “Celtic Prince of Hochdorf”, his times and his culture [see our feature on the Hochdorf Tumulus below]. An early Celtic settlement from the 5th to 4th century BC was uncovered during the 1990’s in the area of the Celtic Museum and the building area immediately to the south. The excavations revealed the outlines of several farmyards. The reconstruction of a Celtic farmstead in the open area next to the museum was based on these finds.
Sadly, this fine, reconstructed farmstead next to the Celtic Museum is now threatened with demolition as developers plan to build a housing complex on the site. If you feel that the farmstead should be preserved, please email your support to the Hochdorf Celtic Museum here.
We heard today the good news that the farmstead is no longer in danger of being demolished. Many thanks to those who may have emailed the Celtic Museum with their support. At the same time, however, we hear of another Celtic site in Baden-Württemberg that is threatened with closure and will be publishing more details of the situation when we have them.