Writing for MessageToEagle.com Dustin Naef reports that –

Native Americans of the Mt. Shasta region have maintained ceremonial sites on and around the mountain for thousands of years, but the locations of these sites have not been disclosed to the public, and are not talked about – and well, one can hardly blame or criticize them for it, because most Native Americans would like to enjoy the areas that they deem sacred without the intrusion of the public who have been known to desecrate their ancestral lands, and carry away sacred objects as souvenirs.

After all, how would some people like it if someone came into their church to have a picnic, and then carried off an urn? Some sacred sites already no longer exist, or have been defiled (like Pluto’s Cave) as a result of development and intrusion, and others are in jeopardy. (Native American Interview By Dorothea J. Theodoratus and Nancy H. Evans ).

Many Native Americans view any development on Mt. Shasta, or indigenous sacred sites anywhere, as dangerous to all people in the vicinity, because most believe that the spirits who reside there will find a way to destroy any such construction, or punish intrusions upon their sacred ground. Their concern is that further development and intrusions will harm the energy and strength of the mountain, which connects to the whole topology of the region, and perhaps dislocate the spirits who reside there.

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