The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Pickering, North Yorkshire
The present Norman church (rebuilt in the mid-12th century) of St Peter and St Paul in Pickering, North Yorkshire stands on the site of an earlier Anglo-Saxon church, of which only the font and stone cross now remain. From the outside Pickering Church resembles many similar English churches but, step inside, and one is almost overwhelmed by its brilliant interior decoration. Pickering Church contains the most complete set of medieval wall paintings so far discovered in Britain. Executed over 500 years ago the paintings remained hidden under a thick coat of plaster until they were accidentally rediscovered in 1852.
North wall of the church showing St George Slaying the Dragon (left) and St Christopher (centre)
Detail of The Martyrdom of Edmund on the north wall
South wall of the church
Detail of The Execution of St Catherine on the south wall
The church guidebook to Pickering Church refers to the St Catherine painting as, “Catherine was a Christian convert, and the painting relates her legend (much like a strip cartoon, proceeding left to right, top to bottom).” For more information on the Church and its paintings visit the Church’s website here –