The Marlborough Mound by William Stukeley
A talk by Jim Leary, of English Heritage, entitled Giants of Wessex: Silbury Hill, the Marlborough Mound, and the Hatfield Barrow will take place on the 12 March 2013 from 19:30 at the Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum. The museum announces that –

Over the last few years the three giant round mounds of Wessex have seen some form of archaeological work. In 2007 and 2008 Silbury Hill was the focus of a multi-million pound project which included opening and retracing the 1968 tunnel into the heart of the Hill. 2010 saw excavations at Marden, one of the largest Neolithic henge monuments in Britain, which provided evidence for the now demolished mound known as the Hatfield Barrow – said to have been as much as 15m tall. Whilst, in the autumn of that year coring work through the Marlborough Mound produced six radiocarbon samples, which revealed for the fist time that the mound is prehistoric in date and contemporary with Silbury Hill and the Hatfield Barrow. This lecture will describe the latest from each of these projects, and explore a variety of ways of understanding these enigmatic monuments, particularly their association with rivers and springs.

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The Marlborough Mound is situated in the grounds of Marlborough College in Wiltshire and is some five miles from Silbury. As with its more famous sister (Silbury) the Marlborough Mound has suffered from damage and architectural ‘enhancements’ over the centuries. A short video (via the above link to the Marlborough College website) by BBC Points West features Jim Leary explains more.