THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIP website reports that –
At the heart of one of the world’s most iconic structures, Stonehenge, are stones of a very special quality. They are The Preseli Bluestones from Pembrokeshire in West Wales. A stone from this magical place has been selected to celebrate our ancient British culture. Stonehenge in its construction, honoured man’s sensitivity to elemental things like our relationship with the sun, the moon and the stars and the builders used special geometry to create this harmonic space.
The Circle of Friendship honours similar powers on its journey. Some of the places our Bluestone will visit display those special geometries in greenhouse architecture and gardens. Before it leaves Britain it will be placed on a very special line at Waltham Abbey in Essex, the Greenwich Meridian, a key longitude.

It will then travel to Canada where it will be placed on another important line the 49th parallel, at The International Peace Garden on the Manitoba, North Dakota border. The 49th parallel connects with the city of Paris so those who installed this border in 1866 were celebrating the link between Europe and the North American continent.

How can you share in this project? You have the opportunity to share by simply sending best wishes or you may even have the opportunity to touch the Bluestone at a place near where you live. (Itinerary coming soon).

Other rocks travelling round the USA and Canada at the same time will be placed either side of the British Rock and eventually rocks from all over the world will join them.

These rocks will then be placed in a special shape called a Catenary. This is the “angle of the dangle” as in a necklace and there are two reasons why we have chosen this shape. On its journey it will touch upon places where sacred geometry has been used including The International Peace Garden itself. Some of those geometries go back thousands of years but the Catenary was only discovered in the 18th Century, so we celebrate the ongoing development of such things.

The second reason is to honour the Native Indians, the First People of this special region, as part of their symbolic apparel was the necklace.

The Circle of Friendship asks you to join with them in this celebration of International Friendship