South-east quadrant of the Avebury World Heritage Site
The Heritage Trust

Nigel Kerton writing in the The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald today reports that –

People who live in Avebury or who visit the village and would like to have a say about the way the village famous for its stone circles and Silbury Hill is managed, will be given an opportunity when the World Heritage Site Management Plan is updated. World Heritage Site officer Sarah Simmons said it was vitally important that those with an interest in the village were involved in revising the last management plan created in 2005. She said: “It is important that the process of review and update involves extensive engagement with World Heritage Site stakeholders including the wider public and the local community whose expertise and knowledge should help to shape the updated management plan.”

There will be two opportunities for the public to put forward their ideas and suggestions, at the Avebury Social centre next Tuesday. Ms Simmonds will be available to answer questions and listen to ideas at drop in sessions in the Social Centre on Avebury High Street next Tuesday between 2 -7 pm and in Marlborough Library on Monday, August 13, between 2 -7pm.

More here and here including, “For leaflets or further information on this important review, contact …or call 01225 718470.  The 2005 Management Plan can be read online.” The Heritage Trust will be emailing Sarah Simmonds this weekend with suggestions and comments linked to this feature. If you wish to have your suggestions included in our email please leave comments here or email them to us at

Thank you.