Geraldine Kendall and Patrick Steel writing for The Museums Association report that –

The Museums Association’s 2012 survey into cuts to museum services has laid bare the devastating impact that budget reductions are continuing to have across the UK. Out of 114 museum services and individual institutions that responded, 51% reported a cut to their budgets and almost a quarter have been forced to reduce public access by closing whole sites or parts of sites permanently or temporarily. 11% have closed whole sites permanently.

42% of respondents said there have been cuts to staff, with almost a fifth saying staffing levels were down 25% or more. Of the respondents that have experienced cuts in 2011 and 2012, over a third have seen a cumulative reduction of more than 35%. One respondent said: “The cuts pose serious risk to the care of collections as collections management time is reduced. Expert knowledge is also threatened, with cuts resulting in one person doing more than one job, or increasingly with volunteers ‘replacing’ paid staff.”

Full report and online poll here.