Stonehenge by Hellman

Prof Mike Parker Pearson and the The Stonehenge Riverside Project’s new theory that, “Perhaps they [the builders of Stonehenge] saw this place as the centre of the world” and that –

Previous theories suggesting the great stone circle was inspired by ancient Egyptians or extra-terrestrials have been firmly rejected by researchers. “All the architectural influences for Stonehenge can be found in previous monuments and buildings within Britain, with origins in Wales and Scotland,” said Mr Parker Pearson. “In fact, Britain’s Neolithic people were isolated from the rest of Europe for centuries. “Britain may have become unified but there was no interest in interacting with people across the Channel.

Suggests to our interplanetary reporter that the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre could perhaps embrace, even improvise on this theory, by having stones from around the world built into the Visitor Centre itself or, alternatively, a discreet new circle created near the Centre that might act as a ‘modern place of pilgrimage’ and an alternative meeting place to the Stonehenge monument itself for those who gather there at certain times.

Standing stones from the Americas perhaps, and from the Arab world, Asia, Australia, Egypt, Europe and India to name but a few. Stones to unite the world… and beyond?

Above quote from BBC News Wiltshire.