The Day of Archaeology 2012

Anyone can join in – you don’t have to be a professional archaeologist. You can be a volunteer, you can be a museum-or-archaeological-site visitor. You can be spending the day watching fifty episodes of Time Team. You can be doing paperwork, sharpening pencils or uncovering the lost cities of the ancients… As long as you write about how your day involves archaeology, your archaeological life, and what archaeology means to you, you are a Day of Archaeology-ite!

You don’t have to write about what you do on the 29th (although if you can, please do!). If you are doing some exciting work before or after the event, write about that – we can make the pre-29th contributions live on the 29th if you are elsewhere, and we can add the post-29th blogs afterwards – the site is visited all year round, and in 2012 – 13 we will try and publicise the contents of the site more often. Your contribution is important, whether we get it on the 29th or not.

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