Stonehenge © The Heritage Trust

English Heritage is hosting an exhibition titled, Stonehenge: Monumental Journey at the Quad Riga Gallery, Wellington Arch, London from tomorrow, 9 May until 24 June 2012.

For centuries, Stonehenge has been a place of wonder and of religious pilgrimage, of celebration and of protest. The opening exhibition at the Quad Riga Gallery will show how the monument has been experienced over time and how Stonehenge will be reconnected with the wider landscape.

This exhibition celebrates the journeys people have made in their millions to find Stonehenge. Through a selection of objects and photographs it captures some of their experiences, and champions the project to build a new visitor centre at the site, restore the chalk downland and create a setting that we believe this iconic monument deserves.

Details here. See also BBC’s Radio 4’s Making History where – 

Tom Holland visits Stonehenge to look back on hundreds of years of tourism and assess the pull of the stones in the future. He is joined by archaeologist Mike Pitts who has put together a new exhibition for English Heritage called Monumental Journey which opens on Wednesday May 9th.
Mike has an interesting feature on his blog regarding the Soane Model of Stonehenge which is on show at the exhibition –
Chris Evans has written about the context of Soane’s archaeological models in two similar papers, “Megalithic follies: Soane’s ‘Druidic Remains’ & the display of monuments” (Journal of Material Culture, Nov 2000, 347–66) and “Modelling monuments & excavations” (in eds S de Chadarevian & N Hopwood, 2004, Models: The Third Dimension of Science, 109–37). He tells us that Soane probably bought his Stonehenge model in 1832 from another collection in London. But no one, as far as I am aware, has examined the model for what it may tell us about Stonehenge.