The Hall of Dancers frieze (1996) Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia

The World Monuments Fund reports that –

Hidden deep in the jungles of Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park, Preah Khan is a vast temple complex sprawling across nearly 140 acres. Built by the Khmer king Jayavarman the seventh in the late twelfth century as a monastery and center for learning, it was once the heart of a city of nearly 100,000. Working in close collaboration with the APSARA National Authority, and with support from generous donors, World Monuments Fund is committed to preserving and protecting this unparalleled treasure for generations to come.

WMF’s aims in Cambodia from the time of its first mission to Angkor in 1989 have been to devise appropriate techniques for conserving and presenting its monumental remains and to help train a new generation of professionals and skilled workers. Detailed planning and conservation began at Preah Khan in 1991, and was the first activity of its type since the country’s devastating civil war. WMF’s work has encouraged the training of young Khmer architects, engineers, and archaeologists, and employment of a local work force has been a hallmark of WMF’s efforts.

A Walk through the Preah Khan Temple complex. Source The World Monuments Fund