Beyond the Ice: Creswell Crags and its Place in a Wider European Context by Matthew Beresford

Since the discovery of Britains first Ice Age cave art in 2003, the site of Creswell Crags has gained international recognition as one of Britain’s leading Palaeolithic sites. This accessible volume explores the history of research on the site and draws together and interprets the findings, paying particular attention to the cave art. Documenting the early fieldwork at the site it uncovers antiquarian discoveries such as the famous horse engraving, excavations in the 1920s that saw our understanding of our early ancestors take shape, discusses the demise of the Neanderthals and the emergence of Modern Man, and looks at how Creswell Crags grew as a heritage attraction of potential World Heritage Status. The book also challenges the term Creswellian, an isolated British culture that occupied the fringe lands of western Europe, and instead offers hard evidence for viewing Creswell Crags and its inhabitants as being part of a vast Ice Age world.

113p b/w illus (Archaeopress 2012).

ISBN-13: 978-1-905739-50-9. ISBN-10: 1-905739-50-8.
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