Dr Dan Miles sampling the smoke-blackened, cruck-framed cowshed at Plas Tirion. NPRN 27773
Heritage of Wales News reports today that –
There was excitement earlier in the year when a cowhouse in the lovely Conwy Valley was identified as an ancient Welsh hall. The discovery was first reported on the Heritage of Wales News and was then picked up by BBC and ITV news, and Current Archaeology is running a feature, ‘The Oldest Cowshed in the Land?’ The cruck-framed building is the medieval predecessor of the lovely Plas Tirion built in the 1620s and currently being restored by Ned and Sophie Scharer. The old house was built using roughly trimmed (‘boxed’) whole trees for the arched shaped roof-truss or ‘crucks’. This is an archaic building technique – and the big question is when was Plas Tirion old hall built?
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