Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

I’m reproducing this short document in full because of its symbolism. It’s the metaphorical first turf, the public face of the start of work on the new Stonehenge visitor centre. As it says, planning permission is there for the buildings and road changes, and they’ve got the money. It’s really going to happen!

So coming up:

May/June 2012

Work starts at Airman’s Cross

September 2012

Work starts at Longbarrow roundabout (Winterbourne Stoke)

March 2013

A344 east of Stonehenge closed

Spring 2013

Prototypes for the three “neolithic houses” for the visitor centre to be built at Old Sarum

October 2013

New centre opens at Airman’s Cross

Present facilities by Stonehenge closed and landscaping starts

Spring 2014


I know many people interested in these changes will not be able to be at Stonehenge, so I’ll do my best to post photos here as work progresses.

Meanwhile, you’ll note the announcement…

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