The latest edition of British Archaeology will be in the shops on 6 April. Subscribers and Council for British Archaeology members will receive their copies today.
Mike Pitts (editor) writes that –
We are proud of British Archaeology. Every two months it brings new and unexpected things, always looking good, always reflecting with confidence what is happening in the world that is archaeology in Britain – and what British archaeologists are doing around the world. It stands up for archaeology and those who make it happen, who like us care deeply about our heritage and are fascinated by the endlessly curious things that people got up to in the past. It questions when questions need to be asked and criticises when things are not right. It campaigns on issues that matter – it has had a material effect on the survival of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, on how archaeologists can study and retain ancient human remains, and on the debate about historic shipwrecks.
This issue’s contributors include –
Tim Taylor – visiting industrial professor in archaeology at Bristol University (he comes from industry, and teaches media) and has made his life in archaeology and TV. Time Team is both, he writes on page 12.
Ken Taylor – a professional author whose latest book, about archaeoastronomy, is due to be published in the autumn. On page 38 he writes about the Brislington Community Archaeology Project, which he chairs.
Ruth Young researched her PhD in Charsadda, Pakistan, and is now working with staff and students from Pakistan and her own university in Leicester to investigate the heritage of Chitral. See page 42.