The Mildenhall Museum, King Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk website describes the Museum as –
Maybe just a little austere and foreboding but hiding a wealth of antiquities and other riches from Mildenhall and surrounding areas, not least of which is the Mildenhall Treasure, fully documented in this website. The intention is to give you a flavour of the museum but nothing can beat a proper visit so do come in if you are in the area.  In the meantime enjoy your trip through our website and remember that it is constantly being updated and improved.
 The Mildenhall Museum, Suffolk before extension work
Now, according to BBC News, Suffolk, the Museum is –
…set to double in size to help display the remains of an Anglo-Saxon warrior and his horse. The warrior, who is thought to have died about AD 500, was found buried at RAF Lakenheath in 1997 with a horse, bridle, sword and shield. Forest Heath council has announced it will provide a grant of £789,813. Peter Merrick, chairman of the Mildenhall Museum Society, said: “We’re obviously delighted as lots of hard work has gone into it.” Suffolk’s Archaeological Service has the skeletons of the warrior and horse, which were part of a cemetery containing 427 graves. The horse’s bridle is currently at the British Museum, but it will be returned for display in Mildenhall.
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