Writing in the Daily Mail today Rob Waugh reports that a reproduction of –

The world’s oldest sea-going boat, the Dover Bronze Age Boat is to sail again 3500 years after it crossed the English Channel. A new project, ‘Boat 1550 BC’ aims to rebuild the boat, which had lain hidden under the centre of Dover for 3,500 years until it was rediscovered in 1992 during the construction of an underpass.

Bronze Age tools and ship-building techniques being used to reconstruct the Dover Bronze Age Boat

Canterbury Archaeological Trust Deputy Director, Peter Clark, said: ‘I have been working towards this moment for more than ten years. It’s very exciting. As the days and weeks go by we will learn so much about how our ancestors were able to build such a remarkable vessel.’

The original 1,550 year-old Dover Bronze Age boat on display at the Dover Museum

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